The Sleek Metallic Acer ChromeBook 14


Tech reviews about The Sleek Metallic Acer ChromeBook 14

ChromeBooks are the notebooks that run Google’s Chrome operating system. They have got a bad smack for the reason that many of them look cheap, lack speed and feel disposable. But the Acer ChromeBook 14 is nothing like that, and it does not have such issues as its aluminum chassis and brushed metal lid give it a great build quality along with sleek design.

Design, Ports, and Webcam of Acer ChromeBook 14:

The Acer ChromeBook 14 has a sleek metallic design that places it at the top of the pack in smartness. Even though the majority of ChromeBooks are plastic and feel disposable, the metallic Acer ChromeBook feels reliable and stable, and its fleecy metal lid looks like it fits on a classier notebook.

There is a pair of USB 3.0 ports, HDMI port, and a security lock slot is on the left-hand side of the ChromeBook 14 by Acer. The headphone and power jacks on the Acer are placed on the right side of the notebook. The Acer ChromeBook 14 has a 0.9-megapixel webcam that shot pixelated photos that seemed to have been conventional in a pointillist filter.

Sharp Resolution Display:

The Acer ChromeBook 14 has a sharp resolution display of 1920 x 1080 pixels and is great to watch movies and videos.

Audio in ChromeBook 14:

The laptop will double as a stereo as the Acer ChromeBook 14 flashes adequate volume, with no distortion. So anyone can listen to music and audios on it like never before.

Acer ChromeBook for Multitasking Performance:

Acer gave the ChromeBook 14 an Intel Celeron N3160 CPU of 1.6-GHz, a RAM of 4GB along with a 32GB eMMC drive, which offers sufficient activeness to perform multiple tasks.

WebGL Aquarium Graphics Simulation in Acer ChromeBook 14:

The ChromeBook 14 established general presentation on the WebGL Aquarium graphics simulation, which tests 3D execution. The notebook assembled 47 frames per second with 250 and 500 fish in the tank.


Acer’s ChromeBook 14 with a Long Lasting Battery Life:

The ChromeBook is offering the users with a long lasting battery so that they don’t have to worry when they are travelling or at work or school. The notebook carries on for 9 hours and 25 minutes on the Laptop Mag battery test which is a great time.

Acer’s ChromeBook 14 has limited things to boast about such as the high-resolution display and the brushed-aluminum chassis make it stand out from other inexpensive models, even if further features keep on pretty simple.

Pros of Acer ChromeBook 14:

  • It has a sturdy, beautiful aluminum shell.
  • High-resolution display with wide-ranging view angles.
  • Astonishingly it has good speakers.

Cons of Acer ChromeBook 14:

  • The keyboard is hard plastic with a tough
  • The restricted performance with graphics intensive apps.

Verdict on Acer ChromeBook 14:

From its eye-catching design to its compact feel, the Acer ChromeBook has a much better impression as compared to the price. The high audio performance and long battery life are quiet highlighting features of ChromeBook.

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